5G In-Building Coverage

If you have new building projects in construction or in the pipeline – or a property under refurbishment – we have a market leading In-Building Coverage (IBC) solution to fully equip your building for both the current and future mobile telecommunications environment. The solution is based on the latest generation, cost effective, 5G ready architecture, with the added benefit of significantly reduced network footprint, with minimal disruptions to operations, while maximising efficiencies vs. traditional Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS).

  • 4G/5G enabledOur IBC solution will protect your investment and its occupants for the benefits of the 4G and 5G mobile telecommunications future.
  • Up to 30% build cost savingsThe efficiencies and reduced complexity of our solution have been proven to reduce cost to build by up to 30%, compared to traditional or legacy DAS.
  • Operating & maintenance efficienciesBuilding owners will enjoy ongoing efficiencies for maintenance, delivering decades of savings and benefits for building management and tenants.
  • Flexibility for occupantsYour property will have increased market appeal to occupants, thanks to the unsurpassed flexibility it will offer for their mobile communication choices and needs.
  • Fast, simple deploymentThe OneWiFi 5G IBC Solution has been designed for streamlined ease of deployment, making it speedy to implement at any project size or stage.
  • Reduced equipment footprintThe OneWiFi vision for harmonisation and technological decluttering delivered through our 5G IBC Solution, will not only reduce the solution footprint but reduce its carbon footprint.
  • Multi mobile carrier compliantProperty managers can enjoy peace of mind and streamlined processes knowing the solution is fully compliant with all mobile carriers in Australia.

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