5G Neutral Host Small Cell

Neutral hosting is based on mobile operators using third party managed service providers to expand coverage and network capacity via Small Cell. It is the gateway to 5G urban infrastructure, harmonised. A future where 5G can flourish, amid de-cluttered streetscapes and footprint, streamlined open architectures, minimised disruption and lowered carbon footprint.

  • Less clutter5G Neutral Hosting is multicarrier ready. By using Smart Pole infrastructure and OpenRAN technology for outdoor Small Cell solutions, it minimises the urban presence of the telco footprint necessary to support 5G.
  • It’s 5G infrastructure, harmonisedStreamlined processes. Infrastructure architecture that shares efficiencies. Planning processes simplified. Streetscapes and buildings where technology appears without disruption and simply delivers. That’s 5G Neutral Hosting.
  • Less costThe OneWiFi 5G Neutral Host Platform facilitates the utmost efficiency in asset utilisation. While enabling mobile operators to adopt to a new, significantly lower cost curve. With the added benefit of reducing time to market, as well as costly disruptions, planning and deployment processes.
  • Less carbonWith fewer public works needed to deploy the 5G Neutral Host Platform, it brings cities and asset owner a true 5G small cell future, at the lowest possible carbon footprint.

OneWiFi undertake a ‘non-traditional’ approach in the design and deployment of mobile Small Cell solutions. We work in close collaboration with various stakeholders, not just to build aesthetically pleasing and harmonised infrastructure to achieve mobile coverage and capacity, but also aspire to derive community, economic, and educational benefits through the co-creation of value

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