Mobile Active Neutral Host (Regional Macro)

Regional and remote areas have long suffered from poor or non-existent mobile coverage. While in urban and suburban environments we often take for granted the high-speed mobile data experience, sending or receiving SMS, or even making a phone call, many regional and remote communities do not have access to even a basic mobile service.

Even if there is mobile coverage, there is often a lack of choice for consumers and local communities. For regional and remote areas, it is likely a ‘Choice of None’ or limited to a ‘Choice of One’.

OneWiFi & Infrastructure is now addressing the Digital Divide and enable true consumer choice by delivering 5G multi-carrier mobile coverage from the outset via our Mobile Active Neutral Host platform, which goes far beyond traditional single operator or passive infrastructure sharing models. Our innovative solution and shared economic model delivers quality mobile coverage to gives consumer real choice of more than one service provider, enable competition, and lower the cost to serve by reducing unnecessary duplication of infrastructure and networks.

Working closely with all levels of Government, regulators, industry and local stakeholders, OneWiFi & Infrastructure has launched Australia’s first commercial 5G Mobile Active Neutral Host solution which is ‘Ready for Service’ to provide multi-carrier mobile coverage for regional and remote communities.

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