5G Mobile Distributed Antenna System (DAS) and In-Building Coverage (IBC) Consulting Services

Having the appropriate Distributed Antenna System (DAS) and mobile In-Building Coverage (IBC) solution is increasingly becoming a priority for many property owners and managers with the proliferation of 5G. Apart from meeting tenant expectation of having access to fast and reliable mobile service inside the building, a fit-for-purpose DAS or IBC solution will contribute towards achieving or maintaining building ratings of the property, and also enable Smart Building / Internet of Things opportunities. Hence, DAS/IBC is essentially a necessary but often complex and costly investment in the digital age for commercial properties.

Property owners and managers DAS and IBC Checklist:

  • What is the capability and health of the current mobile IBC solution? Is it delivering the desired performance and coverage level?
  • Is the existing solution compliant with the latest Mobile Carrier Forum (MCF) guidelines? What are considerations for the upcoming MCF2021/2022 guideline update?
  • Will the existing DAS or IBC solution support 5G at incremental cost?
  • What is the upgrade path to enable 5G that represents the best ROI and TCO?
  • What are the latest 5G-enabled DAS and IBC technologies that best service my property?
  • Does my new property need DAS or IBC at all? Or is the outdoor coverage from nearby mobile base stations sufficient?
  • What does a 5G-enabled DAS or IBC solution look like? How to future-proof the investment to support future technologies such as mmWave?
  • How much does it cost to upgrade or deploy a 5G-enabled DAS or IBC solution for my property?

OneWiFi & Infrastructure are experts in mobile technologies and the design and build of DAS/IBC solutions. The OneWiFi team consist of experienced senior telecommunication executives, technology consultants, wireless engineers, and DAS/IBC designers. We have access to proven toolkits and the latest radio testing technologies to deliver actionable advice and insights around DAS/IBC investments.

Our IBC consulting offering is designed to help property owners and managers to navigate through the challenges of 5G-enablement and making informed investment decisions. OneWiFi’s IBC consulting services include:

  • DAS/IBC Audit and Assessment
  • Onsite Coverage Walk Testing
  • DAS/IBC Strategy and Project Management

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