What is OneIAP?

Our Public Wi-Fi solution includes a feature-rich digital engagement platform. The OneWiFi Integrated Analytics Platform (OneIAP) is a cloud-based platform that offers a low cost and intuitive solution for the customers to promote initiatives and push special events to Public Wi-Fi users.

The OneIAP delivers the following functionalities:

  • Captive Portal Module – creation and update based on available templates, with social and survey login features
  • Advertising Module – Creation and scheduling of multiple and concurrent advertisements/campaigns:
    • Provides customer the ability to create/manage the entire platform via a secure backend portal
    • Moderation mechanism for administrator to check content before approval of ads going ‘live’
    • Provides impression/click-thru statistics by advertising campaign by location by defined times
  • Business Directory – an online business directory for local businesses to put their business and details on an interactive map

Captive Portal Builder

Branded Captive Portal supporting various authentication options including social media and survey.

The platform allows staff and marketers to create Captive Portals based on a range of modern templates, with the ability to customise graphics, text, authentication method, terms and conditions, and redirection to external websites. The Captive Portal and settings can be self-provisioned by staff.

Sign-on processes supported include:

  • Click and Connect
  • Social Media
  • Custom Survey

Campaign Manager

Advertisements can be added to the Wi-Fi authentication process. These advertisements can be created and modified to help customers to promote events and activities (e.g. happy hour). Each advertisement can be assigned to run during specified date range and time of day.

Business Directory

Customers can use the platform to build a business directory for the precinct over an interactive map. This feature will allow local businesses to promote their offerings to visitors and enable visitors to be aware of the services are available within the precinct and where to find them.

Granular and Rich Reporting

Rich and granular reporting including:

    • Public Wi-Fi usage
    • Campaign Clicks and Impressions
    • Survey Answers
    • Social Media Information