Seamless Data Integration

The platform architecture of the Smart City Intelligent Platform is designed to be vendor agnostics and delivers integration capabilities entirely based on standard and interoperable protocols, such as HTTP, FTP, MQTT, and REST API. Text or CSV files can be acquired via Email, SMS, HTTP, FTP, MQTT, Amazon S3 or Dropbox based on a defined schedule, event-based, or on demand.

The platform also natively integrates with a range of sensors and dataloggers such as Libelium.

Rich Data Visualisation

The platform comes with a rich set of data visualisation features, including individualised dashboards with custom branding, interactive map, a range of charts and tables, and alarms and notifications. The fully responsive dashboard is designed to deliver a rich user experience for the consumption of near real-time data from various IoT devices.

Unlimited custom views can be created for various data sources in visually appealing layouts using animated gauges, charts, lists, maps and images.

Smart City Operations and Workflow

The platform can be configured to be the operational system for Smart City, which brings disparate IoT devices and Smart City applications together for users to monitor and manage multiple applications in a centralised manner. The alarm and notification feature can be embedded into the data visualisation dashboard, and also able to alert users and trigger workflows based on pre-defined events.

The platform is already used by a number of Government agencies for critical applications such as Flood Warning and Environmental Nuisance.