How can Smart Parking change the parking experience?


The application – which runs on an Android device is designed to improve the efficiency of parking patrol operations. The app shows all current overstay events in an area overlaid on Google Maps. Council operators can choose to view overstay events as single events represented by red dots or the operator can view events as clusters which aggregate on zooming out or disaggregate on zooming in.

The parking solution offers a comprehensive and flexible suite of historical occupancy and overstay reports in Jaspersoft that can be securely accessed through a web portal.

Don’t Waste Time to Find Parking


Utilising the data collected from the Smart Parking sensors, community and visitors can download a parking availability guidance application from the Google Play Store and App Store. The app shows real time parking availability within a defined area where sensors are installed. The app also supports time-based availability searches and can display the status of Disability Parking spaces