Smart Lighting

OneWiFi’s Smart LED lighting and Smart Pole technology by Signify improves sustainability, while providing real quality of life improvements to the community. Combining functional and aesthetic lighting elements in public spaces, the solution provides increasingly important digital connectivity opportunities, transforming these street assets from static operational assets into Smart City enablers.


Smart Environment

OneWiFi’s Smart Environment solution is a comprehensive offering of environmental sensors for a wide range of applications to support green and sustainability initiatives. It is applicable for a vast array of environments including cities, retail precincts, parks, sporting venues, and buildings.

Apart from a long list of low profile sensors, it is also fully integrated with our Smart City Intelligent Platform and potentially integrated with operational management systems.


CCTV and Security

The OneWiFi CCTV and Security solution is built on top of CCTV monitoring and surveillance systems that are commonly used public safety. It is able to deliver rich video analytics with enhanced features such as people and vehicle counting, license plate recognition, and facial recognition. Feeds from the camera and the video analytics metadata can be monitored, visualised, and analysed by our Smart City Intelligent Platform.

The solution can come fully integrated with OneWiFi’s Public Wi-Fi and Smart Lighting offerings by leveraging common communications and physical infrastructure.


Smart Waste

OneWiFi’s Smart Waste solution enable enhancement to waste management efficiency to deliver tangible cost savings. The solution is fully integrated with our Smart City Intelligent Platform.

The Smart Waste solution powered by SolarBins Australia has been successfully deployed and in-use by many Local Councils and State Authorities around Australia.


Narrowband IoT Networks

To support the various Smart City applications, OneWiFi can design, deploy, and operate narrowband IoT networks (e.g. LoRaWAN) to provide connectivity to IoT sensors and devices. Leveraging our infrastructure access and expertise in IoT and wireless, we are able to cost effectively deliver on the coverage and technical requirements.


Digital Signage

Our Digital Signage and Way Finder solution can contribute to the public sphere by connecting precincts and the people who live, work, and play within. The solution is able to deliver a rich digital interactive experience for visitors and also making it easy for them to find applicable local businesses and amenities within the precinct.

As opposed to traditional solutions, our offering incorporates other Smart City applications such as location analytics and IoT sensors.


Smart Energy

OneWiFi’s Smart Energy solution Is comprised of an Electrical Power Consumption device, which is applicable for tracking the utilisation of assets (e.g. BBQ, buildings, appliances). In addition to insights on utilisation, the tracking of energy consumption can lead to the fulfillment of corporate social responsibility and sustainability objectives, and realise tangible cost savings.


Electric Vehicle Charging

Our EV Charging stations support sustainability and the increasing use of electric vehicles to reduce pollution. The solution has been successfully deployed across Australia and can be readily used on all modern electric cars. It includes access to a cloud connected platform, to monitor and report on energy usage, set customisable tariffs, and overall visibility of charging stations.


Smart Street Furniture

Our Smart Furniture solution provides a multitude of functions to traditional signage and shelters, this may includes USB charging, superfast internet connectivity, data gathering, solar powered, adaptive lighting and temperature controlled seating.