Corporate Wi-Fi

OneWiFi’s Corporate Wi-Fi solution is powered by Ruckus, a global leader in Wi-Fi. The solution delivers best-in-class performance based on the latest 802.11 technology, with a rich set of features that seamlessly integrate with the Corporate IT environment for enhanced security and management.

Our Corporate Wi-Fi solution is trusted by many Local and State Government organisations.


Public Wi-Fi

OneWiFi currently offers a best-in-class Public Wi-Fi solution to over 1,200 locations around Australia, delivering high speed wireless connectivity to visitors and businesses. Our solution can be found across a number of high profile outdoor precincts, shopping centres, hospitality and health venues.

The solution incorporates the latest Ruckus Wi-Fi technology with rich digital engagement and data analytics to deliver the desired user experience, community/commercial objectives, and deep insights beyond internet connectivity.

Our Public Wi-Fi solution comes fully integrated with our Smart City offerings. It supports IoT devices, sensors, and other Smart Technologies that requires connectivity.