Tektelic Agriculture Soil Moisture Sensor

Tektelic Agriculture Soil Moisture Sensor

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Monitoring Outdoor Light Levels, Soil Temperature and Moisture, Air Temperature and Humidity. This sensor streamlines and simplifies the collection of key soil and environemental metrics.

Suitable for rough environmental conditions, this solution is battery operated and connects over LoRaWAN.

Connectivity C-01-18 or C-01-19 or C-07-01
Service SER-05-01
Support SupB-05-01
Platform P-05-01 or P-05-02
Measuring Period Every 15 Minutes
Data Upload Interval Minimum of 60 Minutes, but can be customised.
Measurements Ambient temperature reporting range:
• -20 C – 60 C
Ambient Relative Humidity:
• 0 – 100 % RH
Soil Moisture range:
•  0 – 200 centibars
Soil Temperature:
• 16 C – 27 C
Dimensions (L) 120mm X (W) 93mm X (H) 58mm
Temperature Range Operating Temperature range:
• -40 C – 70 C
Storage Temperature range:
• -40 C – 75 C
IP Rating IP67
Weight 224g
Connectivity Type LoRaWAN (AU915 or AS923)
Antenna Built in antenna
Transmit Power Max. 23dBm
Power Options Battery (DC, C Cell LTC, 3.6V, 35mA)