Senso Air Quality Sensor (H2S & NH3)

Senso Air Quality Sensor (H2S & NH3)

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Monitoring Temperature, Humidity, Hydrogen Sulphide and Ammonia. This sensor provides accurate, near-real time data, with reports every hour.

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, this light weight sensor can be powered via battery or mains power, and connects over LoRaWAN.

Connectivity C-01-18 or C-01-19 or C-07-01
Service SER-05-01
Support SupB-05-01
Platform P-05-01 or P-05-02
Measuring Period Every 15 Minutes
Data Upload Interval Minimum of 60 Minutes, but can be customised.
Measurements Temperature reporting range:
• (-20) C – 60 C
• 0 – 20 ppm
Hydrogen Sulfide:
• 0 – 50 ppm
Dimensions (L) 112mm X (W) 70mm X (H) 39mm
Temperature Range Operating Temperature range:
• 0 C – 50 C
Storage Temperature range:
• -20 C – 70 C
IP Rating Indoor and Outdoor.
Weight 166 g
Connectivity Type LoRaWAN (AU915 or AS923)
Antenna Built in Antenna
Transmit Power Max. 14dBm
Power Options Mains (DC, Power Adaptor, 8V – 15V, 1 A)
Battery (DC, C-Size ER26500, 3.6V, 150mA)