X1 Pressure (Hydrostatic) EX Rated

X1 Pressure (Hydrostatic) EX Rated

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This hydrostatic sensor provides accurate measurement of distances, for Fuel Tank monitoring.

This sensor is battery powered and connects over LoRaWAN.

Connectivity C-01-18 or C-01-19 or C-07-01
Service SER-05-01
Support SupA-05-01
Platform P-05-01
Measuring Period Every 60 Minutes
Data Upload Interval Minimum of 60 Minutes, but can be customised.
Measurements Pressure Range:
• 160 Pa – 1 Mpa
Dimensions (H) 111 mm  X (D)  40 mm
Temperature Range Operating Temperature range:
• 0 C – 70 C
Storage Temperature range:
• -40 C – 85 C
IP Rating IP68
Weight 600 g
Connectivity Type LoRaWAN(AU915 or AS923)
Antenna Built in antenna
Transmit Power Max. 20 dBm
Power Options Battery (DC, LiPo, 3.6  V, 3400mAh)